1. Expression, Perception, and Access to Public Restrooms

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    By Emmeline Wuest

    Project Humanities recently hosted an interactive workshop on bathroom inclusivity and challenged attendees to consider how they themselves are made uncomfortable or left without essential accommodations. Bathrooms can be an uncomfortable topic for some people to talk about, whether from anxiety, embarrassment, past trauma from having a bad encounter, or having to use a space that was not designed for your body.

  2. What Intersex Is and Is Not

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    By Jay Kyle Petersen, MSW

    Back in the summer of 2020, Project Humanities hosted a Podcast Club on Intersex Rights. You can find a link to the recording here. We are grateful for our guest writer Jay Kyle Peterson, MSW, for reigniting the conversation regarding intersex and dispelling some of the myths about the "I" in 2SLGBTQIA+.

    What Intersex Is Not