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Saying Goodbye to Hustle Culture

Saying Goodbye to Hustle Culture

By Makenna McCartney

April 4, 2024

What is hustle culture?


What would it take?

By Angel Bowen Sanchez

January 8, 2024

One would imagine that a fair world is worth changing for. It feels like a natural choice, and it follows a line of logic – if you live in an unjust world, and you cannot be moved at all by suffering, then the best recourse is to try to right the wrongs.


Changing how we view Blackness

By Christian Farrior

January 8, 2024

A bit of our fear around the discussion of race stems from how we view ourselves regarding the concept of Blackness. I say “concept” because we know that race is a social construct. It has real-world consequences for how our lives play out.

Our 2023 in Review

Our 2023 in Review

By Project Humanities Team

December 21, 2023

Over the year, we dedicated ourselves to assisting our community, and we're excited to share the collective achievements we've made together. Check out our Year in Review video to see the highlights.

Year in Review Video:

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“What’s in a Name?” Workshop Recap

By Bertha Mia Bazbaz

November 6, 2023

In an October 2023 workshop facilitated by ASU Project Humanities, Reverend ellie hutchinson guided 20+ attendees through reflection and discussion of their names and personal name histories. Some participants shared reflections on their name’s etymology and gender, while others shared stories about their family heritage and resistance to assimilation. 

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Diversity, Fear, and Fairness Review

By Suzzanne Bigelow

September 28, 2023

The workshops facilitated by Project Humanities at Arizona State University are spaces in which individuals from the community, ranging from ASU students to Tempe residents, are expected to engage in critical conversations regarding the current state of humanity.

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“Poverty Porn 101: Images & Narratives that ‘Other’” Review #2

By Suzzanne Bigelow

September 1, 2023

On the evening of August 24 in Glendale, Arizona, one of the year's biggest concerts was happening: Beyonce's Renaissance Tour. However, a small workshop with an immense social message and hosted by ASU Project Humanities was taking place within a forty-five-minute drive from the concert in the Tempe History Museum. “Poverty Porn 101,” facilitated by Dr. Neal A.


“Poverty Porn 101: Images & Narratives that ‘Other’” Review #1

By Ziggy Urbano

August 29, 2023

Poverty Porn: When one receives pleasure from doing or engaging in an act of “kindness” by “helping” a person or group of people “less fortunate” than themselves. This act of “kindness” gets used to justify the further exploitation of people and worsens stereotypes for people in unfortunate situations.