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Dr. Neal A. Lester

Neal A. Lester, PhD, is Foundation Professor of English and Founding Director of the multiple award-winning Project Humanities initiative at Arizona State University. With expertise in African American literature and culture, Dr. Lester has authored or edited seven books and myriad essays and chapters on topics ranging from the race and gender politics of hair, Black masculinities, and African American folklore, to Toni Morrison’s children’s books. In addition to his publications on ntozake shange, Alice Walker, Sapphire, and Zora Neale Hurston, Dr. Lester has done pioneering work on the Nword, having created and taught the first college course on the Nword in the US.

His expertise on cultural appropriation, on everyday lessons in privilege and bias, and on humanities and entrepreneurship is nationally and internationally recognized. His expertise has led to interviews with CNN, USA Today, Good Morning America, The Special Report with Reva Martin, Newsweek, Your Teen (for Parents), Arizona Horizon, Raising Arizona Kids, Arizona Republic, Ahwatukee Foothills News, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. He has lectured in Ghana, Pakistan, China, Mexico, Italy, and Korea.

An award-winning teacher and popular radio guest, moderator, and panelist, Dr. Lester is editor of a forthcoming collection on global social justice, to be published in 2023 by the Modern Language Association, and guest editor of the special issue of Humanities on the topic of “African American Children’s Literature.”

In January 2022, Dr. Lester received Arizona State University’s inaugural Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Servant-Leadership Faculty Award, an accolade that follows other such MLK recognitions from the City of Tempe (AZ), the City of Phoenix (AZ), the Town of Paradise Valley (AZ).

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Awards & Accolades

Project Humanities [Director] Receives Inaugural ASU Faculty MLK Servant-Leader Award

January 2022

Project Humanities [Director] Receives Catalyst Award, ASU Committee for Campus Inclusion

December 2021

Project Humanities [Director] Receives Citizen of the Year Award, Phi Iota Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity

November 2021

Project Humanities [Director] Receives MLK Diversity Award, City of Tempe

January 2021

Project Humanities [Director] Receives Unity in the Community Service Award, Holy Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Church

February 2020

Project Humanities [Director] Receives The Art of Academia, Living History Award

January 2020

Project Humanities [Director] Receives MLK Diversity Award, City of Phoenix

January 2019

Project Humanities [Director] Receives Diversity Leadership Alliance Award

December 2018

Project Humanities [Director] Receives 9th Prismatic Pride Award, Ion Arizona Magazine

April 2017

Project Humanities [Director] Receives MLK Diversity Awards, City of Tempe and City of Paradise Valley

January 2017

Project Humanities [Director] Inducted into Echo Magazine’s Hall of Fame

November 2016

Project Humanities [Director] Receives Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Faculty Award, ASU Committee for Campus Inclusion

April 2016

Project Humanities [Director] Receives Invisible Heroes "UMOJA" Award, United Gay Informed Men of African Descent (UGIMA)

February 2015

Project Humanities [Director] Touted as 'Invisible Hero', Echo Magazine

February 2015

Project Humanities [Director] Receives ADE Francis Andrew March Award

January 2015

Project Humanities [Director] Honored by Modern Language Association, Modern Language Association

January 2015

Project Humanities [Director] Receives Roy Wilkins Community Service Award, East Valley NAACP

October 2014

Project Humanities [Director] Receives Inaugral Key of Excellence Award, The Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society

December 2013

Dean's Distinguished Professor and Newly Tenured Rising Stars

June 2004


Dr. Lester Introduces African American Literature I (Beginning to Harlem Renaissance) via Short Videos

Collections & Videos

Explore the collections and stories within Dr. Lester's office.

Research by Dr. Lester

As a scholar of African American literature and culture, Dr. Lester is often called upon by local, national and international media and communities to offer commentary on the state of US race relations, past and present. Such commentaries cover such topics as the race and gender politics of hair, the Nword, cultural appropriation, and privilege and bias. 

General categories of his research expertise are: Race Relations in America, Cultural Appropriation, the Nword, Politics of Hair, and Social Justice through Things and Stuff.

Race Relations in America

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Cultural Appropriation


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