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Available Internships

ASU Project Humanities, a university-wide initiative that brings together diverse communities to engage in “talking, listening, and connecting,” is seeking talented and responsible students to participate in various aspects of our activities, events, and research.

Any of these opportunities can be modified for any student level (High School, Undergraduate & Graduate). Other opportunities are available as appropriate to students' talents and skills.

Events Coordinator Intern (Responsibilities)

  • Attending events as available
  • Assisting with all aspects of creating and planning 12-15 events per semester and throughout year
  • Assisting with all event logistics (identifying venues, preparing event materials)
  • Assisting at events (set up, take down, distributing materials during events
  • Collecting and analyzing event data and creating event reports

Homeless Outreach Intern (Responsibilites)

  • Supporting an adult homeless population by assisting with our Service Saturdays outreach
  • Sorting, documenting, and organizing for storage and disbursement of community donations to an adult homeless population
  • Coordinating donation drives
  • Organizing and coordinating volunteer bimonthly activities for Service Saturdays
  • Corresponding with supporters about updates, solicitations, and other communications
  • Participating in community events to market and promote this homeless outreach
  • Coordinating and participating in actual donation distribution
  • Researching and educating the public about homelessness and instability locally and nationally
  • Maintaining Project Humanities' Service Saturdays Facebook group through regular and relevant postings and updates

Photographer/ Videographer Intern (Responsibilities)

  • Attending 12-15 events throughout semester and documenting via photography and/or video
  • Creating event recap videos
  • Editing existing video recordings of Project Humanities events
  • Identifying and sharing most representative photographs to tell Project Humanities story to local media and other sources

Research Intern (Responsibilities)

  • Seeking opportunities for external funding (i.e. grants) to support  larger and smaller efforts and programming
  • Mining article and data specific to Project Humanities’ initiatives, events and programming
  • Updating Humanity 101 database materials
  • Looking for models that promote and energize Humanities programming at high schools
  • Volunteering at Project Humanities sponsored events and creating events of your own

Social Media Intern (Responsibilities)

  • Compiling content for potential postings (images, articles, videos, etc.)
  • Ambassadors (engagement/conversation specialists)
  • Student contests (to be coordinated with the Project Humanities student group, asuphs’i)
  • Sharing campaigns for Project Humanities events and activities
  • Volunteering at Project Humanities sponsored events & creating some of your own

Writing Intern (Responsibilities)

  • Writing p/reviews and blogs before and after Project events
  • Writing event descriptions
  • Interviewing and seeking student contributors for proposed “High School Humanities Hot topics Corner” of the Project Humanities website
  • Writing event press releases
  • Attending Project Humanities events and interviewing participants for testimonials
  • Working on Humanity 101 eBook, already in draft form

Benefits to Student

  • Professional development experience
  • Networking with University communities
  • University preparation
  • Volunteer hours
  • Resume-building experience
  • Published writing
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Project Humanities Certificate of Appreciation upon completion
  • Project Humanities collateral (t-shirts, buttons, bags, etc.)

Application Requirements

  • One-page cover-letter expressing interest in the program
  • One-page resume listing relevant experiences, achievements, club/sport/volunteer participations, etc.
  • Semester-long commitment (5-10 hours per week)
  • Limited travel; we ask that interns participate in at least 3 campus events
  • Open to all students with strong teacher recommendation

At the close of the semester, Project Humanities will provide each participating student with a comprehensive report outlining and assessing student participation and achievements.

Interested persons should email application materials to projecthumanities@asu.edu. Please contact us if you have any comments, questions, or concerns about the internship.

To download the PDF version of this announcement, click here.

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Volunteering takes many forms at Project Humanities:

  • Community Experts: Offers of knowledge and insight as experts on given topics are entered into a database and called upon if events in their area of expertise are created
  • Event Volunteers: Ushers and event assistants who help with set-up and breakdown of events
  • Fundraising & Donor Relations Volunteers: People with experience in high-level fundraising and donor relations offer to connect projects and personal with their networks
  • Humanities Perspectives: Leaders in their fields offer perspective pieces, 250 words or less, on why the humanities are important in business, health services, etc.
  • Event & Communications: Former journalists, free-lance writers, and writing enthusiasts submit pieces highlighting Project events, staff, ideas, and the Project generally to spread the word about the Project and the importance of the humanities
  • We are also open to new ideas and possibilities and encourage you to utilize the “Contact Us” form with the subject of Volunteering, offering how you would like to contribute.

The Project Humanities Distinguished Visiting Scholar Program highlights the contribution of a cross-disciplinary, socially relevant humanist thinker, scholar, and/or artist, and brings their unique passion and perspective to ASU students. Our visiting scholars further the humanities scholarship at ASU by meeting with faculty and students, giving public lectures, participating in panels and symposia, and sometimes teaching.

Past Visiting Scholars


Dr. Kathrine Skretting
Katherine Skretting (Former Dean of Humanities and Professor of Film & Media Studies)
Norwegian University of Science & Technology

Dr. Skretting is a former Visiting Professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, and former chair and board member of various organizations promoting film production, higher education, and applied research. Her research has delved into Norwegian commercial films, quality in advertising, censorship, pornography, and gender studies and the history of film and television. Dr. Skretting’s goal in her year at ASU is to work more thoroughly with the theme of humanities into the 21st century, concentrating on the possibilities offered by interdisciplinary activity within research as well as study programs, and on how to interact more vigorously with important aspects of society’s activities, like work, politics, NGOs and culture – locally as well as globally.

Read more about her experience at ASU.
New Year Interview with Rector Kathrine Skretting


Dr. Carolivia Herron addresses a group
Dr. Carolivia Herron
Nappy Hair & Everyone Inclusive, Everyday Humanities

Dr. Herron is a scholar of African-American Judaica and prolific author of children and young adult literature. She received her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania and has taught at multiple institutions including California State University-Chico, Harvard University, Mount Holyoke College, Brandeis University, and Marien N'Guabi University in the Republic of Congo.

 Some memories with Dr. Carolivia Herron..

Click here for Dr. Carolivia Herron's Image Gallery