Humanity 101 Founders



Founders are individuals and organizations who invest at least $1,000 (tax-deductible) in our Project Humanities programming. In addition to connecting more intimately with the impactful work of Arizona State University and Project Humanities—from our homeless outreach to our annual Hacks or Humanity: Hacking for the Social Good

    • Founders are lifetime members of our organization supporters.                                         
    • Founders have via Project Humanities a local and national platform from which to explore topics and critical issues about whichthey are most passionate.
    • Founders participate in our semester and year-long Project Humanities programing.
    • Founders are VIP guests to meet and interact with Project Humanities keynote speakers like Nora McInerny who spoke recently on the topic of “toxic positivity,” an event that attracted 800 online participants.
    • Founders are publicly acknowledged at Project Humanities events and programs.
    • Founders are listed as such on our Project Humanities website and on a physical banner displayed at Project Humanities major public events and activities.
    • Founders can serve as mentors, volunteers, potential speakers, workshop facilitators, competition judges, and panelists for Project Humanities events.
    • Founders have access to select Project Humanities resources to advance the Project Humanities vision and mission.
To become a Founder now, you can make your tax-deductible contribution by clicking the below button. Such an investment can also take the form of a pledge of installments.
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Adam Draizin (AZ) 


Angela/ Karla Cesal (AZ) 

Barry & Carol Smith (AZ) 

Becky Grubaugh (AZ)

Bella Escalante & Leonardo Herrera (CA)


 Beyauna Billings-Badger & TR Badger (AZ) 

 Brian Messling (AZ)

 Bruce Meyerson (AZ)

 Chantal & Steven VanKlompenberg (AZ)


 Christine & Rocky Armfield (AZ)

Cynthia and Victor Hardy (AZ)

David & Christine Dotts (AZ)


David Foster, PhD (AZ)

Dennis McKinnie (CA)

 Doug & Becky Pruitt (AZ)

Heroes of Education Recipient Advocates a Call to Action


Elaissia Sears (AZ)

 Erika Alexander (AZ)

 Eugene Schwam (CA)

 Farhad Ghayour (AZ)

 Floyd Galloway (AZ)

Felder Family (AZ)

Gail Bradley (AZ)

 Greg Altschuh (AZ)


Iris Huey (AZ)


 J. Ibeh Agbanyim (AZ)

 Jack Selby (AZ)

Jeff & Gina LaBenz (AZ)

Jeffrey Green & Brad Graber (AZ)

Jim Tuton (UT)

 John Skinner (AZ)

 John Hetrick & Patricia Murphy (AZ)


 Jovetia Watson & Jay Hoselton (CO)


 Kimberly Childs (AZ)