Vital Voices: "The Uses of Anger"

Tuesday, September 29, 2020 - 6:00pm

According to Psychology Today, “anger is one of the basic human emotions … tied to basic survival and … honed over the course of human history. Anger is related to the ‘fight, flight, or freeze’ response of the sympathetic nervous system; it prepares humans to fight. But fighting doesn't necessarily mean throwing punches; it might motivate communities to combat injustice by changing laws or enforcing new behavioral norms.” Against the backdrop of this summer’s local and global protests against racial injustice, this program invites participants to bring a poem, passage, visual art, artifact, or story that connects them with anger. A facilitated show-and-tell examining the various ways that individuals and communities express and respond to anger, this event builds on a previous Spring 2018 Project Humanities event titled “The Angry ‘Other,” wherein we examined the extent to which anger is racialized, gendered, aged and classed.