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Science Cafe

The 2012-13 Science Café, held in partnership between the Arizona Science Museum, Project Humanities and Arizona State University – Center for Nanotechnology in Society (ASU-CNS) will offer the theme of “Nano and the City” to explore issues of nanoscale science and technology in society. Nanotechnology is being developed by sophisticated and specialized science and engineering disciplines and includes now a wide spectrum of applications for urban design, materials, and the built environment. Sustainability is a normative guiding concept for the development of societies around the world.

It calls for the simultaneous and balanced pursuit of economic development, environmental quality, and social justice; and it has been applied to cities and future urban development. Anticipatory governance is a mode of collective action that offers diverse stakeholder groups to deliberate and take decisions on the use, benefits, costs, and unintended consequences of emerging technologies. It is with the ideas of nanotechnology, sustainability, anticipation, and the city in mind that we launch our program.

Statement of Intent

The 2012-13 program intends to engage technical professionals, humanists, and citizens in provocative dialogues that address the nano-enhanced city. Throughout the series, speakers and the audience will mutually explore controversial ideas. Core issues of decision-making and responsibility will be explored through the lenses of justice, power, privacy, futures, equity, evolution, learning, and planning.

Guiding Questions: Nano and the City

Who is responsible for designing the future city? Who is making decisions that are shaping the future city? Who is seeking to control the future city – intentionally or otherwise? And, ultimately, what is your role in all of this?

Science Café Events


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May 2013
Designing Equity inito Transformative Healthcare
600 E Washington Street

May Science Cafe presents Healing in the Nano City: Designing Equity into Transformative Healthcare by Anna D. Barker Ph.D., Director, Transformative Healthcare Knowledge Networks Co-Director, Complex Adaptive Systems Professor, School of Life...
February 2013
Presented in partnership by Arizona Science Center, ASU Center for Nanotechnology in Society, and ASU Project Humanities

Evolving in the Nano City: Urban Design, Urban Culture and Forces of ChangePart of Project Humanities Spring 2013 Kickoff Week: "Heroes, Superheroes & Superhumans"  February's Guiding Questions: How do urban design and culture generate changes...