Resources: Talking to Children About the Bad, the Ugly, and the Inevitable


7 Simple Steps to Building Strong Bonds and Healthy Relationships with your Children by Fight 4 Them





Difficult Topics Montage


Pronouns and Privilege for Kids (ft. Queer Kid Stuff)





Pandemic Parenting: Tips, Tricks And Advice From The Experts


Parenting In A Pandemic: Tips For How To Survive


Someone Else’s Gender Identity Isn’t About You


Anti-Racism For Kids 101: Starting To Talk About Race - Books For Littles


Black History Month is a chance for white parents to learn how to talk about racism


Talking About Where Babies Come From is Not the Same as Talking About Sex


STUDY: Most Parents Don't Talk to Their Kids About Race


Should We Teach Kids About Porn?


Talk with your Kids Timeline


Do’s & Don’ts of Sex Talks


Some Discussion Starters


The Refrigerator List


Grieving Lost Time: How To Talk To Kids About The Coronavirus — And What We Can Learn From Them


8 Important Things to Know Before You Even Start




Organizations Represented at Event

New Song Center for Grieving Children




Planned Parenthood


AZ Trans Youth and Parent Organization


Native American Connections


First Name Basis


Think Psychological and Consulting Services


Remember Me Always Foundation


Boys to Men


Fight 4 Life No Excuses


Phoenix Children’s Hospital Center for Family Health and Safety


ICAN Positive Program for Youth