Project Humanities Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary in Conversation with Dr. Bernice A. King

In this celebration of our accomplishments and our evolution since 2011, we take time to thank our many volunteers, interns, staff, student workers, faculty colleagues, and community partners who have in any way supported us, present our inaugural cohort of Humanity 101 award winners and also take stock of Project Humanities and the state of our humanity in years to come.

Dr. Bernice A. King biography

Attendee Comments

  • I just want to say it’s such a privilege to …  be able to attend some of the Project Humanities events. Your conversation with Dr. King was uplifting and inspiring. Much needed words for always, but especially right now.
  • Love this! The 10-year anniversary virtual event was uplifting, engaging and very thoughtfully presented. So honored to be a part of this amazing organization under Dr. Lester's vision and leadership, and serve alongside of wonderful supports and volunteers. Congratulations to all! Cheers to the next 10 years!
  • Another opportunity to gain hope.  The award portion of the program was excellent.
  • It was the highlight of my week, month, year! Thanks for another awesome program.
  • Congratulations on a full decade! That was such a motivating and invigorating conversation, Dr. Neal Lester, that you had with Dr. Bernice King on Saturday afternoon. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  • I think Dr. King was the perfect choice for our celebration. As she said, Project Humanities’ Humanity 101 principles embody what her father believed in and his beliefs represented. I will watch the event tape again because it is worth viewing again. And I did share it on my FB page (with hash tags) in the hopes that others on FB will be watching it, too. Grateful for the opportunity to ‘attend’ event via zoom. The discussion was awesome! Thank you! Thank you!

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