Privilege Workshop Evaluation - 3rd Workshop - Flagstaff

What was most helpful about this workshop?

  • “New vocabulary, concepts”
  • “Expanding the concept of privilege from ‘white privilege’ or ‘white male privilege’ to a whole variety of privilege. Concept of ‘intersectionality.’”
  • “Small groups at end and checklist given”
  • “Discovering how much privilege I have regarding my sexual, racial, and cultural background”
  • “Very informative… It is very healthy to talk about these things. Nothing was just valuable, but vital.”
  • “Non-threatening approach to differences”
  • “Things I hadn’t thought of before”
  • “The leaders and activities and the lectures—everything! I am so appreciative. Thank you”
  • “The combination of discussing meanings and definitions followed by interactive ways to engage those concepts.”
  • “I appreciated the reminder of the full spectrum of biases, which I haven’t talked about in a formal, focused setting since college.”
  • “Open discussion format, illustrations, video examples”
  • “The experiential pieces to encourage self-analysis and integrate the material.”

What was least helpful about this workshop?

  • “Unfortunately I had to leave a few minutes early. This could be an all-day workshop.”
  • “Being ‘American’ does not mean you are of a certain culture of that you need to somehow assimilate yourself into the existing culture. I say that you should call yourself what you want, look at the past as a lesson and the future as an ever-increasing pathway towards equality. The answer is not to become overly correct and saying that we need to take culture out completely and become culturally neutral.”
  • “Too short. This could easily be a 1-day or 2-day workshop. If you would come and offer one, I will promote it.”
  • “Would have liked there to be enough time to talk about strategies but ½ day is long enough on a Saturday. The initial publicity could have been better descriptive of what event actually is.”
  • “Going over the time of 2.5 hours is something that needs to be watched. Need to lighten up. Little Deborah is the perfect ‘kill the brand’ image for Little Debbie. Eat ‘em and this will be you.”
  • “Too short. Also would have liked to address when privilege awareness slides into political correctness.”
  • “I cannot think of anything! J I learned so much. Will you come back again?”
  • “It wasn’t the easiest group. I think it could have benefitted from more small group work though I appreciate keeping it quick and not too long. Thank you!”
  • “I would have liked more opportunity to learn from my discussion group, as they had many life experiences I haven’t had.”
  • “Checklist review”

How useful was this workshop?

  • Extremely useful : 6
  • Very useful : 5
  • Not very useful : 1
  • Not useful at all : 0

To what extent do you have a better understanding of everyday manifestations of privilege and ways to combat them?

  • Extremely better : 4
  • Much better : 5
  • Slightly better : 3
  • Not better at all : 0