Perils and Perks of Privilege - Heterosexual

  • 'Valentine Road': A Path To Teen Tragedy - Marta Cunningham went through four years of research on the case of Larry King and Brandon Mclnerney. In February 2008 Larry King asked Brandon Mclnerney to be his Valentine, in turn the very next day Brandon shot him in the back killing him. Larry himself was very gender fluid and would dress very feminine, he'd wear earrings dresses, high heels etc... With this research and case study she created an HBO documentary titled "Valentine Road" With this documentary she hopes to help the educations system and faculty adjust and be more acceptant of those who are coming out at younger ages. - NPR Staff, 9/30/2013
  • Summer Film Series: 'no dumb questions' - July 18th 2013 - Burton Barr Library in Phoenix - Project Humanities Event
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  • "Is Gender Identity Biologically Hard-Wired?" - Special correspondent Jackie Judd talks to families and researchers who are working on the science of gender identity. PBS News Hour