Perils and Perks of Privilege - Black Male

  • The Reality Of Black Male Privilege - Embarking the 50th anniversary of the March of thousands of African Americans came together to discuss social inequalities. Despite that the community itself faces privileges between the black male and b lack female. African American communities hold a hierarchy within itself. Social issues are represented and associated around the black male, while black females are left unregarded. - Theodore R. Johnson, 8/30/2013
  • Black Male Privilege? - A new look at the cross section of race and empowerment as it relates to black men has spelled out a new theory that one sociologist dubs "black male privilege." Host Michel Martin speaks with L'Heureux Lewis, assistant professor of sociology at the City University of New York, for more on why he thinks black male privilege exists. - NPR, 03/04/201 
  • There's Nothing Funny in the Misogynoir of Crossdressing Instagram "Comedians"- Hilary Christian, 9/29/2015