Juliana Yoder Friend of the Humanities Award, from Arizona Humanities

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November 13, 2014

Given annually by Arizona Humanities (AH), this award recognizes individuals, organizations or businesses that have made a lasting contribution to the cultural life of their communities through their active support of and involvement in promoting the humanities. The award recognizes the dedication and contribution of Juliana Yoder during her 21 years of service to the Arizona Humanities, including her service as Associate Director from 1995 to 2005 and then as Executive Director from 2005 to 2008.

  •  Nominee has built understanding and appreciation of the humanities through their work in museums, libraries, educational organizations or similar civic  groups;
  •  Nominee has made a significant/ substantive/ major contribution to their community by promoting dialogue and civil discourse;
  •  Nominee has conducted exemplary community outreach activities that link the humanities with the people; and/ or
  •  Nominee provided resources necessary to sustain humanities programs.

Letter announcing the Award

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Event Photos:

Rose and Norman Levine (Sagewood)

Lace Johnson-Smith (Community Supporter)

Project Supporters-  Adelina Zottola (ASU) and Rose and Norman Levine (Sagewood)

Project Supporters- Stephen Calderon- ASU Foundation with Lace Johnson-Smith

Stephen Calderon, Ellie Hutchinson-Montague, Becky Grubauagh, Sharon Torres

Sharon Torres (Project Coordinator) and Wanda Mills-Bocachica





More info: https://asunews.asu.edu/20141104-project-humanities-award