Humanity 101 in the Workplace

This workshop speaks to workplace teams by analyzing and addressing systemic privilege and bias within communities, organizations, and businesses. Through the lens of race, class, gender, age, sexuality, religion, ability, and more, participants focus on the Humanity 101© values essential to personal and professional success-- compassion, integrity, respect, forgiveness, kindness, empathy, and self-reflection.This highly interactive and popular workshop addresses the intersections of various systems of privilege and the hidden biases that inform our personal decisions and professional behaviors. 

This highly interactive workshop:

  • engages participants in critical conversations about privilege and bias
  • equips participants with tools that allow them to better address social injustices in the world
  • demonstrates how intersecting systems of privilege operate in our everyday lives and that becomes for individuals perils or perks
  • promotes and celebrates community building through an exploration of further and understanding of American culture

This workshop builds on and expands the Project Humanities mission and vision—to bring diverse, multicultural, multigenerational individuals and communities together to talk, listen and connect. This workshop offers personal and organizational strategies to combat systemic privilege and biases, and challenges each participant to recommit to new ways of thinking about and addressing diversity, inclusion, tolerance, and equity. 

What began as (6) community workshops across the state of Arizona some three years ago and as the Perils and Perks of Privilege has now evolved into Humanity 101© in the Workplace, a highly successful workshop presented to a range of diverse audiences.


Arizona National Organization For Woman -
AZ Now ( 6th April 2019)

Director's Lesson in Bias at Homeless Outreach -
(22 September 2018)

Lessons in privilege and bias with Neal A Lester, PhD

Selected Workshop Material

Dr. Neal Lester on Privilege and Bias Training -
Channel 12 News (5 July 2015)