Getting Involved

Humanity 101 is a drumbeat of social consciousness and individual accountability where integrity, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, self-reflection, empathy and respect are celebrated and increasingly emulated.

Join us in the movement of powerful communication, character-building, and community-building and INVEST.

Live the Principles

We are seeking individuals who believe in the principles of Humanity 101 and want to join the movement. We want you to raise your voice to show support! There are two ways to become an investor – invest your time or money … or both! We seek investments of any amount and we also seek believers who are willing to invest their time, creativity and talent.

 All investors will be added to the Humanity 101 Declaration. Help us grow the movement. Join now!

  • Grow the Movement
    • Invest $1000+ to become a Founder
    • Every dollar makes a difference
    • To make a monetary investment, contact us.

Join the rest of our investors and raise your voice for Humanity 101!   

*All monetary donations are eligible for a tax deduction

  • Volunteer with Humanity 101

        Interested in investing your time and/or talent to grow the movement? 

  • Volunteer at 3-5 Humanity 101 events and/or programs
  • Volunteer to network on behalf of Humanity 101
  • Volunteer to create and host a Humanity 101 event