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J. Ibeh Agbanyim
Greg Altschuh & Janis Lipman
Arizona State University Police Department
Arizona State University Center for the Future of Society
Arizona State University Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Arizona State University School of International Letters and Cultures
Raveen & Clara Arora 
Marian “Jessie” BeCoates 
Gail Bradley 
Angela Cesal
Ramona Ferrera
Come Rain or Shine Foundation
Dr. David & Dr. Virginia Foster 
Bill & Mary Glover
Cathrine & Lawrence Goldberg 
Rebecca Grubaugh 
Tammy Hamilton-McLeod 
John Hetrick & Patricia Murphy
David & Mimi Horowitz 
Iris Huey 
Bill & Leanor Johnson
Lynn & George Jones
Donald Kelley




Parvinder S. Khanuja, MD 
Mitzi Krockover, MD & Jacque J. Sokolov, MD
Dr. Neal Lester & Adelina Zottola 
Michelle Mace
Dr. Maxine Marshall 
Bruce Meyerson & Mary Ellen Simonson 
Kathy Nicholas 
Phi Beta Kappa Society
Becky & Doug Pruitt 
Michael & Paula Przewlocki
Puffin West Foundation
Eugene & Myrna Schwam
Silicon Valley Bank
Swarnjit Singh, MD & Tejinder Kaur, MD
John & Barbara Skinner
Lee Skinner
State Farm 
Marshall & Zoe Terrill
Jim Tuton 
Valley Bar
Verna & Alton Washington
Sue Wilcox 


S. Kim Ajer
Saeed A. Almheiri
Louis Ascherman
ASU Anonymous
Jordan T. Bates
Maurice & Stephanie Barnes
Donald Bloodworth
Ray Bennett, II
Fletcher H. Bray, Jr
Katherine A. Brewer
Laura L. Bush, PhD
Ethel M. Carter
Karla J. Cesal
Warren Chu
Susan Cotner
Geneva Hudson Crawford
Arthur Dalton
Dr. Sarah A. De La Garza
Jil Deheeger
Bella Escalante
Luree Echols
Jennifer A. Gladwell
First Institutional Baptist Church
Dr. Maureen & Peter Goggin
Donald & Gail Goldstein
Laurie Goldstein
Jonathan Marshall
Dr. Leonard Gordon & Dorthy L. Herzberg Gordon
Gloria Grossman
Anita & Jerome Gutkin
H J E Enterprises, Inc.
Mary S. Hake
Shad K. Hanselman
Sabrina R. Hartley
Marsha D. Harrison, PhD & Robert M. Harrison, Jr.
Buthaina A. Hassan
Kenja S. Hassan
Leonardo Herrera
Debra Hays
Carolivia Herron
Rev. Barry Hollie
Linda L. Howard
John Jelderks
Pinna L. Joseph
Steven Katz & Jeanna Michaels
Sagar S. Kamat
Katherine I. Kelling
Ozetta Kirby
Skip Klauber
Dr. Jo M. Knatz
KPMG Foundation
Kristi E. Kreiner
The Kroger Company Foundation
John & Doisey Landry
Aleyne Larner
Steve Laube
Jared Lester
Jasmine Z. Lester




Prof. Norman R. Levine & Rose T. Levine
Cindy Linch
The Honorable Barbara Litrell
Dr. K. Tsianina Lomawaima
Robert Marshall
John W. Martin, Jr.
Jose & JoAnn Martinez
Dr. Michael McBeath
Dr. Kacie C. McCollum
Robert & Roberta Medina
Denise P. Meridith
Carol Miller
Kathryn E. Miller
Rayka E. Mohebbi
Yashwanth Nanda Kumar
Sean-Wyn Ng
Dr. Don & Dr. Alleen Nilsen
Donald Nunley
Lynne Ore
Pat Pataranutaporn
Gary & Lorna Pederson
Claudia Plotnick
Dr. Ned Radich & Kathy Radich
Jacqueline Rifkin
Johnson & Johnson Companies
Eunice R. Robins
Brenda Ringwald
Jeanett Robinson
Cynthia B. Rodgers
Dr. Duane H. Roen & Maureen Roen
Shirley K. Rose
Laura & Herbert Roskind
Beth Ames Swartz Rothschild
Susan E. Rowland
Damien T. Salamone, PhD
Ellie E. Shapiro
Kathrine Skretting
Mary Slade-Branham
William Smitherman
Andrea Sondgeroth
Rachel N. Sondgeroth
Dr. Richard M. Spiegel & Judith K. Spiegel
Leah M. Staten
Natalie C. Stephenson
Mary C. Stevens, JD
Rodolfo E. Teniente
Michael L. Thompson & Brenda M. Thomson
Donna Thompson
Dr. Laura B. Tohe & Doug D. Tillman
Sharon Torres
Sheila Trzebny
Lisa M. Volle, PhD
Cynthia L. Wheeler
Susan L. Wynn
Emerson Yearwood
Ruth S. Young
Alexander Zaro

 As Project Humanities pauses to reflect on the past three years since its inception to make humanities more robust at ASU and across Arizona, we are pleased with the hundreds of public programs, lectures, film screenings, and other activities we have sponsored or co-sponsored across the Valley and with many ASU and community partners--all in an effort to build communities by talking, listening, connecting. As a supporter of Project Humanities, you share the vision of creating a better world by challenging people to look for a connected human experience that will enable individuals to transcend place and current boundaries, to realize human potential, and to create new possibilities for building real communities. Our vision and drive will only grow stronger as we continue our efforts to improve our quality of life, both individually and collectively, while simultaneously striving to advance our newfound knowledge and understanding of place geographically and otherwise. As we put our efforts into action, we invite you to consider becoming a member of our new growing community: Friends of Project Humanities.

This program recognizes the vital role each individual plays in this critical initiative. We invite you to become part of this Project Humanities community. You will join others who are committed to transforming and creating stronger individuals and communities. Consider joining in this effort by choosing one of four different investment levels identified below, each level offering specific benefits. The greatest benefit of this Friends program is knowing that your investment will advance community interaction by experiencing the humanities—art, film, literature, history, ethics, and so much more.

a humanities experience occurs when individuals connect to a larger world and see themselves not as an island, but connected to other people, working toward some common good
… Project Humanities creates these experiences. Join us.