Cultural Appropriation: Sports


"The Chiefs are bringing Native American imagery, and the ‘tomahawk chop,’ to a Super Bowl stage" (2020) -

“Mascots, Beer, and Peanuts: Check the Expiration Dates” (2014)

“Cleveland Indians Fan in Redface Comes Face-to-Face with Native American During Protest” (2014)

“FIFA to Investigate after Fans Wear Blackface to Ghana World Cup Match” (2014)

“A Sacramento Kings Fan Went to Last Night’s Game Wearing Blackface” (2012)

“Native Groups to Protest Sunday’s Redskins Game in Arizona” (2014)

“Dueling Native American rallies debate Redskins name” (2014)

“It’s Time to Change the Washington Redskins Name” (2013)

“Racist Mascots: Political Correctness Gone Wrong?” (2013)