Cultural Appropriation: General

 Ten Notions About Cultural Appropriation

  1. Cultural Appropriation, in the anthropological sense, is taking intellectual property, cultural expressions, artifacts, history, and ways of knowledge from a culture that is not one’s own.
  2. Cultural Appropriation, in the justice sense, is concerned with the difference between respectful and disrespectful “taking”. Cultural Appropriation typically involves members of a dominant group exploiting the culture of less privileged groups, often with little or no understanding of the latter’s history and traditions. 
  3. Who decides what is respectful/disrespectful? Default to multiple original sources from people of the appropriated culture on the topic of the appropriated practice or artifact. No one person decides.
  4. Default to respect and how respect is shown and practiced in the culture being appropriated. Are people truly paying homage by 
  5. “My culture is not a costume” is a movement of Ohio University students to showcase how individuals of a culture can feel marginalized and unaccepted when their culture is reduced to stereotype and worn for fun.
  6. When a dominant culture wears articles of an oppressed culture as fashion accessories it marginalizes the struggles some face for being "different," while those of the dominate culture are lauded for their kitschy fashion choices. 
  7. “We say that it is our past, our culture and heritage, and forms a part of our present life. As such, it is ours to control and it is ours to share on our terms.” - Aboriginal Elder from a community in Australia.
  8. Individuals within a culture differ on whether a certain instance of appropriation (or any appropriation at all) matters to them. Seeing any culture as monolithic is disrespectful to individuals within that culture.
  9. Saying that appropriation is never okay isn't necessarily the correct answer. Cross-cultural sharing is important to understanding one another. An authentic cultural exchange should feel free and affirming, rather than plagiarizing or thieving.
  10. Many people will say upon hearing negative feedback about instances of appropriation that it wasn't their intent to offend, or that they had the best intentions. Damage can be done regardless of intention.


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