Cultural Appropriation: Entertainment


Music Videos

“Title Max Comercial: Real Money” (2014)

“Weird Al” - White parody artist “White and Nerdy” (2009) -

“It’s All About the Pentiums” (1999) -

Joslin Tsai “Fantasy” (2012) Taiwanese pop singer - Anglo appropriation?

"The Powerful SUper Bowl Ad that Washington Redskins' Owner Dan Snyder Needs to See" (2014)


“Why a Bindi is NOT an Example of Cultural Appropriation” (2014)

“Take That Dot Off Your Forehead and Quit Trying to Make Bindis Happen” (2014)

“Why Selena Gomez’s Bindi is Not Okay” (2013)


Slam Poetry

“What Kind of Asian Are You?” (2013) – Alex Dang poem

“Oreo” (2014) – Tucker Bryant

“To JK Rowling, From Cho Chang” (2013) – Rachel Rostad

Rostad’s response to critiques of her poem

“Jozer on Cultural Appropriation” (2013) – Jose Guerrero

“The Future” (2013) – Neil Hilborn (ableism)

“OCD” – Neil Hilborn


Genuine Expression?

Sage Francis – White hip hop artist from New England
Playlist -

Website -

Die Antwoord – White rap-rave group from South Africa

Website -

Two drastically different videos:

“I Fink U Freeky” -
“Ugly Boy” -

Eminem – White hip hop artist from Detroit

“Real Slim Shady” -