Cultural Appropriation: Costume



"Come Again? Commes des Garçons Ignites Cultural Appropriation Controversy With Cornrow Wigs"

"Anger over Costumes Mocking Black People"

"What makes a Halloween costume offensive? In Baltimore, debate rages on"

“ASU warns fans not to wear face paint to games” (2014)

 “ASU Students in Black Face Cheer on Football Sun Devils – Racist of Just Insensitive?” (2011)

“ASU Black and African Coalition, student government fight blackface” (2014)

“Hey, ASU: We got rid of blackface in '50s” (2014)

“Black-painted faces at ASU game stir concerns” (2014)

“ASU Discouraging Face Paint at Athletic Events Over Blackface Concerns” (2014)

 “13 Racist College Parties That Prove Dear White People Isn’t Exaggerating At All” (2014)

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“UC Irvine Asian-American Frat’s Awful Blackface Video as Bad as It Sounds” (2013)

 “Lee University reacts to students in blackface” (2013)

“White College Students Wear Blackface, Call Themselves ‘True Negroes’” (2012)

“Photo of University of Florida Frat Members Wearing Blackface Sparks Controversy” (2012)

“NDSU Looking Into Another Campus Skit” (2008)

“Students Stand Up Against Racially Offensive Parties (2007)

“Blackface Costumes at Parties Trigger Punishment at Northwest” (2007)


High School

"Racist Halloween Celebrations Kick Off With Blackface Nicki Minaj Costume" (2015) 

“Missouri High School Girls Play Annual Powder-Puff Football Game In Blackface” (2014)

“Waverly High School Pep Rally Marred By 'Racist Blackface' Skit About Chris Brown, Rihanna Fight” (2012)

“Colleague defends Serra High School coaches amid calls for action” (2013)

“Black Teacher Files Racial Discrimination Lawsuit After Students Harass Her With Blackface Photos & Black Dating Site Suggestions” (2014)


“High school newspaper editor suspended for refusal to use the term ‘redskin’” (2014)

“Navajo Indian High School Red Mesa Not Afraid To Save the ‘Redskin’ Mascot” (2014)

“Dutch court: Black Pete is a negative stereotype” (2014)

“Michigan teacher reinstated after segregation lesson” (2014)

“San Diego School District to Investigate High School Coaches’ Blackface Appearance” (2013)

“St. Anthony’s HS Expels Four Students for Flag, Blackface Incidents” (2014)

 “Blackface Skit about Chris Brown Beating Rihanna at High School Pep Rally” (2012)

“Arizona High School Joins Fight to Keep Redskins Name” (2014)

“Navajo Nation Reservation in Az. Calls Its High School Football Team 'The Redskins'” (2014)

“In Arizona, A Navajo High School Emerges as a Defender of the Washington Redskins” (2014)

“High School Students Wear KKK Outfits to Hockey Game” (2013)

“Fans Wear KKK Hoods: High School Students to Face Discipline after Hockey Incident” (2013)

“Missouri HS principal on seniors’ blackface stunt: ‘They don’t mean anything by it’” (2014)



"Stunning Images Show How Native American Fashion Looks Without Cultural Appropriation" (2020)

“White Couple in Blackface as Ray Rice & Wife For Halloween” (2014)

“Ray Rice Halloween Costumes Combine Blackface, Domestic Violence Jokes” (2014)

 “White Florida Man Dresses as Dead Trayvon Martin for Halloween” (2013)

“The Incredibly Offensive Photos from an ‘African’-Themed 21st Birthday Party” (2013)

 “New York Politician Wears Blackface and Afro, Doesn’t Think He’s Being Racist” (2013)

“A Halloween Risk: Racism in Disguise” (2013)

“Cultural Appropriation and Stereotyping at the Mummer’s Parade” (2013)

“The Big Problem With Our Fascination With Kylie Jenner’s Lips That Nobody Is Talking About” (2015)

“Native Actors Walk off Set of Adam Sandler Movie After Insults to Women, Elders” (2015)

“Katie Perry Wears Cute School Girl Outfit and Face Mask as She Embraces Japanese Culture on Tour (2014)

“Miley Cyrus Needs to Take an African American Studies Class” (2013)

“Flipping the Flop: The Appropriation of the Birkenstock”

“Birds of Feather Who Do Not Flock Together: Cultural Misappropriation.”

"FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: Country Singer Jason Aldean Dons Blackface As Lil Wayne For Halloween"


“Israeli teens dressed as KKK and in ‘black face’ for mock lynching at school Purim part” (2014)

“French police officers investigated over ‘blackface party’” (2014)

 “Swedish college students apologize for blackface at costume party” (2013)

“Australian Model Draws Criticism for Blackface Photo on Instagram” (2014)

“Dunkin’ Donuts Ad in Thailand Uses Blackface to Promote Charcoal Donuts” (2013)

“Israeli Spokesman in Obama Blackface Scandal” (2012)

“TV show apologizes for Michael Jackson, Jackson 5 blackface routine; Harry Connick Jr. shocked” (2009)

“Anger Over Students in Blackface Winning Costume Contest” (2014)

“HEC Montreal Froshies wear blackface: McGill law student witnesses and records incident” (2011)

“Racial Tension Builds: HEC Students Caught in Blackface on Campus” (2011)

 “HEC administrators apologize for students' blackface stunt” (2011)

“Kim Kardashian’s Vienna Ball Date Ruined By Man in Blackface Pretending to Be Kanye West” (2014)

“UNICEF Paints Children in Blackface for New German Ad Campaign” (2007)

“Police arrest 60 at Dutch Christmas festival during protests over traditional 'Black Pete' clowns with blacked-up faces” (2014)

“Controversy Over Chocolate Cupcakes Leaves Behind Racially Tinged Taste” (2015)

 “An Analysis of Appropriation within the Fashion Industry through an Examination of the Rise of Environmental Fashion and the Political Designs of Katharine Hamnett”

Blackhorse: Yet Another Designer Releases 'Navajo' Collection (2016)


How the ‘Civilized’ West Muddied the Meaning of Tribal Tattoos.