Humanity 101 High School Contests


Personal EssayMaryn A.In my entry, I talk about how our personality traits and views can change the way we feel about others and ourselves. It helps us see how people try to keep up their image in public and hold back their true feelings to maintain it.Link to the essay
Physical ArtKimberly F.The first thing you may notice about the artwork is the tower and huge buildings, not the girl in the yellow coat feeding the cat. An act of compassion may be a speck compared to a big world, but it affects the world significantly, just like how the yellow coat gives the neutral-colored artwork a pop of color. The beauty of compassion is that it knows no shape or form and it ranges from the biggest actions to the smallest ones.Link to the art
PoemAlessandra V.The roses represent people, and how we all aim for the same thing yet hurt each other in the process. This represents self-reflection and compassion for the struggles of humanity. The purpose of We, As Roses, Grow on Vines is to recognize how our actions affect one another, and to remind us to be thoughtful of others.Link to the poem
MultimediaGundry F.Daydreaming leads to self-reflection for me, showing me how I need to change my life in order to achieve my main goal in life. I often find myself reflecting on my life and my future, trying to find ways to make a better life for myself. I daydream about becoming an EDM producer/DJ often, so in order to make that happen I self-reflected on my life and decided that things like video games and youtube were taking up time that could be spent making music, so I promptly quit them (I can already see an increase in the quality of my music).Link to the media
MultimediaFatima K.In the video itself, I wrote which part of the skit related to which principle and gave a brief explanation of what it was about. I included some aspects of physical arts (the toys that I crocheted + props) and a bit of writing for the plot, although this is in the category of multimedia (video).Link to the media


To celebrate 10 years of Project Humanities, we are excited to announce 4 creative contests open to anyone currently (as of May 2021) attending high school or enrolled in a GED program in Arizona.

The winner of each of the 4 areas will receive $500 and will be recognized on live video stream in November 2021 during the culminating 10th anniversary Awards celebration event.

Areas of entry:

  1. Personal essay (500-word limit)
  2. Poem or reflection (250-word limit)
  3. Multimedia: short video or audio/music recording (3-minute limit)
  4. Physical art presentation (painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media) that can be represented via a photographic submission